Thursday, 1 August 2013

Jack Daniel's Swiss Liqueur Chocolate

I’ve successfully managed to go almost an entire year without letting my passion for Jack Daniels infiltrate this blog (and I still maintain that my Jack Daniel's Honey post constituted hard news), but I feel this discovery is worth sharing with my fellow enthusiasts.

My husband returned from a business trip to Switzerland recently with a little gift for me – a bar of Jack Daniel's liqueur chocolate. Who knew that existed?! I think the Toblerone has overshadowed this one...

I’m not usually the biggest fan of chocolate liqueur because it doesn’t really satisfy either craving fully. If I want chocolate then I want to eat a solid bar, and if I’m in need of a whiskey fix I want more than the miniscule amount that can be crammed into a square of chocolate. But Jack is Jack, and therefore this is different... and it’s divine. One minute you’re eating a delicious piece of chocolate and the next you're tasting Jack Daniel's – and it’s not a stingy amount either! It’s amazing, and if I have one complaint it’s simply that the bar isn’t bigger.

Please accept my apologies, I know this is a pretty pointless blog post if you’re not a Jack Daniel's fan. But it is potentially life changing for those who are and that, my friends, is a risk I am willing to take.

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