Thursday, 21 February 2013

London Fashion Week AW13 – runway highlights

As London Fashion Week drew to a close on Tuesday, criticism began emerging from several journalists that with the event's growing success, it is losing a lot of what previously made it interesting. Where London was once primarily a launch pad for new designers it is now competing with the big guns, and bringing with it a more grown up feel – and sadly it would seem that some are reading 'grown up' as 'boring'.

Unfortunately I was unable to make any shows for the first time in many seasons. Instead I have been thanking my lucky stars for the internet, allowing you to stream live shows and view pictures almost instantly. All the information is delivered right to your desk, which certainly helps ease the withdrawal symptoms. You can almost hear the flash bulbs clicking and taste the champagne – plus there's no queuing in the cold to squeeze into crowded venues!

Rather than writing several lengthy posts about various collections, I thought I’d offer up five of my favourite looks, from five designers who continue to embrace London’s offbeat style, and are proof enough to me that London still produces some of the best looks from the world's top designers.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

My love of all things Vivienne Westwood is no secret, and every collection offers something that I'll be lusting after. In the case of AW13 it was this checked skirt – the yellow and purple give it an edge and it can be styled a million ways. I love the zebra stripe jacket too and the sheer blouse underneath; I might not wear all three pieces together but would very happily find a place for each of them in my wardrobe! Might give the make up a miss though...

Clements Ribeiro

I'm a sucker for all things tartan and this Clements Ribeiro dress is a great example of how to do punk for the over 25s! The ankle boots are a great finishing touch too. Although if I'm honest I would probably take the hem up a few inches if wearing it with flats!

Felder Felder

Don't you just want to hug this piece?! It's a really nice alternative to your traditional fur coat, the colour is absolutely perfect and the belt gives it a great shape, preventing the model from getting lost altogether! It may be a little yeti for some, but I for one am smitten.

House of Holland

Well nobody can accuse Henry Holland of being grownup or boring! Still a fan of both graphic prints and the occasional slogan, his AW13 was a riot of colour. This dress was definitely the standout piece for me – another great design from a man who never takes fashion too seriously.

Burberry Prorsum

Ahh the classic Burberry mac... it is forever being reincarnated and while the design stays much the same, it is given a new lease of life with new prints and fabrics. The heart motif is pretty damn irresistible but let's face it, you can see the H&M knock-offs already. Expect to see the high streets awash with hearts very soon!

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