Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Fashion Fix – Hello sunshine!

There has been a lot of rock and not much runway lately, so it is time to change that.
In loving memory of my shades that ended their life in a portaloo at Download and
because the sun is finally shining, today's fashion fix is dedicated to sunglasses.

I'm often guilty of sticking to the same two styles; classic aviators or the kind of large frames favoured by footballers' wives and LA socialites. The latter actually work better for me as they are more robust and can withstand the battering that I inevitably put them through!

However summer is about having fun and as you can see, whether you have cash to burn through or are on a budget there are plenty of designs to liven up your wardrobe and make you smile. I love the leopard print Zac Posen!

As far as cheap sunglasses go (a better choice for me and my nasty habit of losing them, squashing them and generally destroying them), River Island do some great styles for under £20 that last a long time and can withstand being thrown in a handbag.

New Look do some good options for as little as £2.99 but you often get what you pay for, so beware lenses falling out, arms snapping off etc.

I get through sunglasses quite quickly so I am always looking for new stores to try. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


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